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 How To Retexture A Latex Head

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PostSubject: How To Retexture A Latex Head   Tue Feb 24, 2009 4:27 pm

Before you follow this tutorial, you need the following tools.
MeshManipulator-Can be found on DCMF
MED-Can be found on DCMF
DDS Converter- Can be found on 8eyedbaby, Homecoolmods, or DCMF
GIMP-Go to http://gimp.org

First open up MED.

Read the instructions on the photo.

Then the alien head should appear in the display window. Look at the top left corner of the screen, you should see a bunch of bars. Click Actions...then Click Save to workspace and this should appear.

Now close out of MED and open up the folder on desktop. Look at the 4 files selected.
Delete them and say yes.
Go into the textures folder and copy the alien texture.
Then paste it to DeskTop.
Open up the DDS Converter and select the alien texture, make sure it is set to convert to .bmp. Then click convert.

Now open the image up in GIMP.

Change the view from 100% to 400%, I prefer this view because it is easier to retexture things without screwing up.

Retexture the image anyway you like, i am just retexturing the eyes and the eye sockets.

Once you're done retexturing your alien face, save it under a new name similar to this one.
Now open up DDS Converter again, as you can see it is still set to .bmp.

We don't want it as a .bmp anymore so change it to .dds and then select your new alien face and click Convert.

Now re-open MED and open up your alien head mesh. Select the original alien head texture and click Change Texture.

Now at the top screen click the Import Texture button.

Select your new alien face. and click Open.

Select your new alien face texture from the list and click finish.

Now your alien has the face.

Click save to workspace again.
Now close out MED and open up MeshManipulator. Select file and click open, a box should appear, select DeskTop from the categorys to look and then go inside your folder and and then go into the meshes folder and then select your renamed mesh. NOTE: Do not choose the mesh marked latex_m_head_v01.msh. If you do this, your new latex head will not work.

Open up groups, then open up the next group until you find a list of 2 meshes sitting on top of each other.

Then select Mesh 0 and then click at the top, Edit...Modify or just use the keys Ctrl+M.

A new screen to the right should appear. Notice how at the top it says Mesh 0, that means we are modifying Mesh 0. Make sure that the box labeled: has Weights? is checked. then look at the options at the bottom. Select Assign Vertex To Nearest Bone and click update.

Then do the same for Mesh 1.

Now go to file and select Save As...

Click on the same mesh that you opened in MeshManipulator and overwrite it.

Now its time to transfer the files into the actual game.

Open up the meshes folder and then go into the game's data folder and drop the mesh in with all the meshes already in the game.

But wait! Ther's more, just because you dropped the mesh in doesn't mean you new latex head will properly work. You have to put in the new texture also.

As you can see, I have the wrong game folder open, we need to go into the textures folder, so go in that folder and then transfer.

Congradulations! you just made your first latex head! If you followed all the instructions correctly, it should be perfect in game.
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PostSubject: Re: How To Retexture A Latex Head   Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:29 am

Oh nice tutorial werecool 😉
I will gonna try and get one soon.
Keep making tutorials (so i will keep working and trying new things lol! )
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How To Retexture A Latex Head
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