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 Werecool's Second Horror Festival

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PostSubject: Werecool's Second Horror Festival   Werecool's Second Horror Festival I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 25, 2010 9:56 am

Werecool's Second Horror Festival WerecoolsSecondHorrorFilmFestival
Last year's winner was Mefune Akira for his terrifying film:
Mefune Akira still hasn't claimed his prize, he can email me at so I can send him the reward.

Anyway, a year has passed and I hope you all have some good ideas for horror. The final submission date is October 31, 2010. Last year at least five people said they would enter a film by then since they had time, but unfortunately, they didn't. Please try to submit your films and try your hardest to perfect them. All films will be judged carefully and chosen carefully. The winner shall recieve unlimited access to exclusive team member only mods, a featurette on the Homecoolmods Homepage, and a surprise. Have fun making horror movies! I know I'll have fun watching them
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Werecool's Second Horror Festival
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